Maddie Galivan

Hello! My name is Maddie Galivan and I am a junior at St. Charles East High School. This is my second year on the St. Charles East Dance Team and my second year fundraising for Kick-A-Thon. This year my kicker and sponsor is Brent Livingston. Mr. Livingston is a close family friend and is the Director of Business Development at MS Packaging Inc. Kick-A-Thon is a very important organization to me and my kicker. Mr. Livingston’s sister has been a part of the Kick-A-Thon committee for a few years so he is familiar with and in full support of this organization. The Kick-A-Thon organization raises money to help cancer patients and their families in our community. Kick-A-Thon raises money for three organizations: American Cancer Society, Fox Valley Food for Health, and LivingWell Cancer Resource Center. LivingWell is a place where families with cancer patients can go to help understand and deal with how cancer has an emtional and mental affect on them. They provide support groups, crafts and games for kids, and home cooked healthy meals. Fox Valley Food for Health helps with these meals. They come in and provide the food while also educating patients and their families on how to eat better to help the symptoms and causes of cancer. These organizations help patients so much on the already difficult battle against cancer, which is why I am so passionate about this organization. Donating to Kick-A-Thon helps improve these already wonderful programs and also helps families and patients in our community. Any and all donations are appreciated. Thank you so much for helping this amazing organization!
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