Kicker Donation Campaign

Please fill out the following form to set up your kicker donation campaign to be shared with friends and family. This is a joint campaign between you and your community kicker partner.  Donations will be combined into a joint campaign between primary kicker and community kicker partner.

This will be used to notify you when your donation form goes live
Please provide a couple paragraphs describing why you want to support Kick-A-Thon. This will be posted directly on your donation form for others to see and help them want to support you.
Your goal is to raise at least $200 per person kicking
Please upload an image of you and your community kick partner. Photo collage apps work well, or a collaborative selfie with you and your kick partner. Only one photo can be uploaded, so please create your personal collage with your kicker partner, and upload the one collective photo. Must be minimum 600x600 pixels. File formats that work well are gif, jpg, jpeg, png.. Iphone or Android camera selfies / collage work well..or upload a file directly from your PC..